Customer Types

At Artik, we have many customer types across many sectors and industries. From a baseball team needing 20 sport uniforms for their summer league to a major brand needing 5000 custom printed T-shirts for employees across the country.

Below are some of the customer types we work with, each one will have a link to that customer type page that will feature some of the products others in this industry order, this may give you new ideas about custom promotional products that are great for your particular industry. (Coming Soon)


Audience listening to a lecture.
1 - Associations: Organizations,
Unions, Guilds



Blue collar workers posing for a photo
2 - Blue Collar Trades : Electrician, Plumber, Landscape Courier, Painter



Brands written on table

3 - Brands & Retail Chains,
Large Brands, Franchises



Summer camp fun sign
4 - Camps, Campgrounds



Group of construction workers
5 - Construction: Contractors, Builders, Cond

Group of graphic designers around a table
6 - Creative: Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, Artist, Indie Web Designer


Teacher lecturing in class
7 - Education: Schools, Universities, Colleges



Movie audience with 3D glasses on
8 - Entertainment & The Arts: TV, Movies, Music, Theatre



Group of ladies with balloons at a party
9 - Event Planner: Festivals, Weddings,  Bar Mitzvahs



Fashion designer working
10 - Fashion, Clothing, Fashion Accessories



TD Bank Street Photo
11 - Financial Services: Banks, Investments



Employee helping a woman at a cosmetics store display
12 - Health & Beauty: Personal Care, Massage, Salons, Hair, Nails



Hotel employees smiling
13 - Hospitality & Travel: Hotel, Vacation, Resort, Tours



Factory workers
14 - Manufacturer: Factory, Distributors, Farm, Mining, Energy, Equipment



Marketing table with many people working on a project
15 - Marketing, Ad Agencies, Communications



Media publishing office
16 - Media & Publishing: Books, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Blogs



Dentist at work
17 - Hospitals, Clinics, Dentists, Pharmacy, Plastic Surgery, Eye Care, Doctor, Dr.



Native Family Services Building
18 - Native Aboriginal Community




 Charity Run
19 - Non Profit: Charities, Social Services, Shelters, Nursing Homes



Employees working at a printer
20 - Printer Commercial: Sign Maker, Store Display



Ontario Municipal Governemt Building
21 - Public Sector: Government, Political Campaigns, Police and Fire Department



Happy couple with a real estate agent near a home
22 - Real Estate Agents



Chef visits a table at a restaurant
23 - Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Small Food & Drink Stores, Catering, Meal Makers



A small fabric store owner
24 - Retail: Small Stores,
See Brands for Retail Chains



Baseball player swinging a bat
25 - Sports Uniforms, Baseball Uniforms, Hockey Jerseys



Computer IT woman working on servers
26 - Technology: Computers, Online, Software, IT



Professional office building
27 - White-Collar Professional Services: Accounting, Law, Insurance, Architecture



Fit men and women working out at a gym28 - Fitness: Gyms, Crossfit, Body Building



Trade show building 29 - Resellers



Band playing on stage
30 - Musicians and Bands


 Blue collar workers posing for a photo32 - Tours, Leisure, Adventure, Skiing, Activities, Boating



Large group of dogs and cats
33 - Pets: Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Other 



Cannabis store in Toronto
34 - Cannabis, Marijuana



 Couple tango dancing at a dance studio35 - Dance Studio



Large religious building
36 - Religion, Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Buddhist



Eco green industry worker in front of solar panels
38 - Environmental, Eco, Green



Party selecration
99 - Individual, One Time Event, Family Reunion, Birthday, Gifts







Customer Types