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Top Five Uses for Custom Duffle Bags in Toronto

So many different types of customers come to Artik to add their design to duffle bags. We've broken down the top five uses for personalized bags:

1. Custom Gym Bags

Every sporty person in my life has a dedicated gym bag (the not so sporty people too!) Gym bags are great for urban folks looking for a workout after work or college students who need to grab their gym shoes, shirt and shorts between classes. Coming in at number five - custom gym bags.


2. Custom Beach Bags

Walk to the beach and look around. I mean now.. go!


Okay you're back? Did you notice that everyone at the beach had a bag keep their possessions dry and sand free? Dedicated beach bags are popular in the hot summer months - especially here in Toronto where we love hitting the beach after a long winter.


3. Custom Carry On Travel Bags

Ahh the airplane.. what a beautiful metallic bird. You can fly to any place on Earth, meet people from different cultures and listen to a baby cry for 6 hours. My favorite part of flying is getting on the plane, settling into my seat and breaking open my carry-on bag which is full of treats, magazines and noise cancelling headphones! The duffle bag is small, light and durable making it the perfect carry-on for my travels.


4. Custom Golf Bags

Golfers know the secret to happiness. Why run, shove, kick and throw? To a golfer, the perfect game is relaxing, mentally challenging and fun. To get out on the course, a golfer needs special shoes and equipment which necessitates a golf bag. Add your logo to golf bags, share them with your customers and you'll be associated with the most relaxing sport in the world.


5. Custom Hockey Bags

Hockey players know the secret to happiness too. While golf players relax on the green, hockey players skate, smash, sweat, shove, shoot and score! Every hockey player keeps a bag with their skates, equipment (and hopefully deoderant!) Add your logo to hockey bags and you'll be associated with one of the most exciting sports in the world.


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