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Custom Printed Bandanas from Artik Toronto

Get your design screen printed on our selection of bandanas

Customized bandanas are one of the few pieces of clothing that you can share with your dog without people staring! We've spent the last 30+ years custom printing bandana orders right here in Toronto! We're fast, friendly and we pride ourselves on our stellar screenprinting quality. We can print your logo on hundred of bandanas for a marathon or event, or we can add your logo to a few bandannas for giveaways and merchandising. Artik is the trusted bandana supplier in Toronto and across Ontario!

Bandanas can have screenprinted designs of any colour!

Personalized Bandana Tips

When you're designing bandanas, it's good to keep a few things in mind. Here are a couple tips for your custom bandana order:

Consider Sizing - We offer all sorts of bandana sizes! Consider if your bandanas will be used by adults, kids or even animals.

Design Tip - The classic bandana design with a repeating pattern looks pretty cool. Try incorporating your design into a pattern to make great looking bandanas.

Make it Colourful - Consider if your bandanas are for motorcyclists or bikers. Dogs or doctors. Kids camps or business retreats. Choose colours that match the people who will wear your customized bandanas and consider colours that compliment your logo or event colour scheme.

Talk to Artik! - This may sound a little biased, but we at Artik are the bandana experts. We've been screenprinting for over 30 years and we see a ton of repeat customers. We recommend contacting our staff for a friendly, no obligation chat about materials, pricing, screenprinting and any other question you may have!

All About Custom Printed Bandanas 

Custom printing your logo onto bandanas is a unique way to get your brand name out there and a cost-effective way to split your large group into teams. Plus, custom printed bandanas make a great keepsake for attendees after events are over. When you need custom screen-printed bandanas, come to We’re a trusted bandana screen-printing shop located in the heart of Toronto. This article will walk you through the basics of custom printed bandanas, from who orders them, to best design practices and tips for saving money. 

Who Orders Custom Printed Bandanas

Custom screen-printed bandanas are a popular item for all kinds of people! We’ve printed thousands of bandanas for huge organizations and small quantities of custom bandanas for little pet shops. Here are some of our custom printed bandana customers:

Custom Printed Bandanas for Camps: Custom printed bandanas are perfect for campers! They can be ordered in countless colours to divide campers into teams, cabins and groups. Want to play a quick game of touch football? Want campers to stand out during day trips and canoe trips? Custom printed bandanas are an awesome idea for camps of all kinds, and the best part is that campers can bring their custom printed bandanas home as a keepsake of their awesome summer.

Marathons and running groups order custom printed bandanas to differentiate their people from the rest of the marathon. An inexpensive, brightly coloured bandana can build team unity, keep the sweat out of your eyes and make you highly visible in a mass of people.

Custom Bandanas for charity fundraisers: Every year, Artik prints thousands of custom bandanas for the B.A.D Ride, a motorcycle event that raises money and awareness for mental health distress centres. Custom printed bandanas with your fundraising logo can make an awesome gift for participants and printed bandanas can be sold to raise funds too! We’re proud to support the B.A.D Ride and other charities across Canada.

Did you know Artik prints custom bandanas for dogs too? We’ve printed adorable bandanas for dogs of all sizes! Dog shows will order custom screen printed bandanas as a gift to participants and attendees. Pet food brands have given out custom printed bandanas to loyal customers, veterinarians have orders customized bandanas to give to their favourite furry friends and pet stores give custom bandanas out as a loyalty gift for return customers.

We’ve even printed custom bandanas for high-end fashion lines. A stunning red bandana with your custom designed pattern can stand out on the runway and fly off the shelves in retail locations.

Often bandanas are patterned with logos and slogans, but occasionally we print bandanas with a full design on them. These bandanas can be hung on walls as posters or even get framed. Consider treating the bandana as a canvas and create your work of art!

If you’re looking for a memorable keepsake for attendees to your event, a brightly coloured team divider or an inexpensive gift, we think custom printed bandanas are a great choice!

Designing Custom Screen Printed Bandanas

Think of who will be wearing your bandanas. We recommend designing brightly coloured bandanas for kids or dogs, and choosing more muted colours for adults.

Your design should fit within a square, using repeating patterns so that your logo is apparent however the bandana is worn. As with any screen print, limiting the colours in your design can save you money on your custom bandana order.

When you’re ready to order custom screen-printed bandanas, contact Artik. We’re fast, friendly and affordable, plus we’re the experienced custom bandana screen-printing shop. Reach out to us to order your custom screen-printed bandanas today!