Get Branded Apparel for Your School Club!

Toronto Gaming Team Custom Printed T-Shirts

At Artik, we’ve worked with thousands of student clubs from across Canada. Just this week we’re working on custom hoodies for a Toronto robotics team and making branded t-shirts for a college newspaper. From anime clubs to creative writing workshops and debate teams, I love seeing the passion and excitement that students bring into the …

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The story behind Brazil’s iconic yellow soccer jerseys

Brazilian printed soccer uniforms

At Artik, we’ve been printing soccer uniforms since 1985. Every year more teams get started, soccer is taking off across North America! I’ve been looking into the history of some iconic custom printed uniforms. Today I want to dig into the history of the Brazilian jersey. Learn more from this incredible 99% Invisible episode. The …

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Toronto film festivals with their own branded t-shirts and apparel

Toronto Film Fest T-Shirts

We at Artik have been printing t-shirts in Toronto since 1985 and we’ve watched the film industry explode in the past decade. It seems like every weekend there’s a new film festival celebrating international films, animation, horror, silent films and more! We’ve got student films, 24 hour film jams and star studded red carpets. In …

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We won Colour of the Year! (kind of)

Artik's logo is very close to the colour of the year!

You know those little colours booklets you see at the paint store? At Artik we use them all the time to make sure our inks are perfectly mixed for printing custom designs on t-shirts and other apparel. This little colour book costs about $200 to replace annually! We replace them because the colours fade over …

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Fresh Branding Ideas for 2020

2020 Trends for Promotional Products and Printed Apparel

Here at Artik, we work with Canadians who are spreading the word about their project, business or brand. Here are a few tried-and-true ways to promote your message in the futuristic sounding year of 2020! Order branded wireless Bluetooth speakers As batteries and sound quality have improved, portable Bluetooth speakers have become more and more …

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How Podcasts Can Make Money with Merch

Two Dope Queens Podcast T-Shirt

Did you know a third of Americans listen monthly with some averaging 6:37 hours a week! Personally I love cracking open the new episode of my favourite shows to hear about culture, science and silly ramblings. How do podcasts make money? Advertisements often play before and during a show, but ads aren’t the best way …

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We’re printing full-colour T-shirts!

News from the Artik Toronto print shop! We’ve just purchased two awesome machines that will take our custom t-shirt printing to the next level. Meet the Direct to Garment (DTG) machine: With two new DTGs, the Artik print team are creating high quality, full colour tees that are soft, durable and they look incredible. Backstory: …

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How Artik came to be Named Artik

Custom t-shirts printed in Toronto at Artik

  What’s in a name? Why are we named Artik? This all goes back to 1985. Fresh out of York University and chose to make my own designs on T-shirts.  I then sold them to stores and in flea markets. Originally named the company ‘Winterfield Design’, honouring my Dad’s family name. The problem in those …

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