Custom Embroidered Patches & Crests

Custom Embroisered Patches And Crests. Get Your Design Embroidered on a Patch or Crest!

Ordering custom patches can be complex, at Artik we work hard to simplify the process so you get high quality embroidered patches on time with no big head aches! 

 -  The easiest way to get started is to Contact us.

 -  Our expert embroidery team will help you determine pricing, design and schedule so you'll know if Artik is the right choice for you.

 -  To estimate pricing, see the price guide below: 


Measuring Size 

Custom Embroidered Patch Size is the average of your design's Width & Height. 

eg. your design is 4" by 2". (4+2)/2 = 3". Therefore Patch Size is 3". 

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Embroidered Patches & Crests

Embroidered Patches & Crests

Custom PVC Crests

Custom PVC Crests

Patches & Crests