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Get Customized Football Jerseys and Apparel from Artik Toronto

Toronto's printing & embroidery experts for football uniforms and apparel

We offer a variety of custom football uniforms from the pro series, practice series, and the touch football series. Choose your style above and we'll add your team logo plus player names and numbers! Don't see what you're looking for? Contact our Friendly Customer Service Reps, they're happy to help you find the perfect custom printed football uniforms!   

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Football is a tough game, demanding a lot from every player on your team. Our top quality custom football jerseys will make your team look professional and play their best. We've been printing custom football jerseys for over thirty years now, so we know the ins and outs of printing logos, player names and numbers on personalized football jerseys. We've got the finest selection of customizable football jerseys, our printing team is second to none and our sales team is fast and friendly. Message us to get a price quote or ask any questions about custom football jerseys.

“People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society."

Vince Lombardi, National Football League coach.

Custom football jerseys made famous


 On a football team, teamwork is what really matters - with matching football jerseys, your players will feel united under one colour, one logo and one team. Each of our football jerseys is customizable with your team's logo, colours, player names and numbers.

With custom football jerseys, your players will sprint through the mud, crash into opponents and dive into the endzone. The 100% moisture-proof polyester material will be able to keep up with even the roughest games. will supply your team with custom football jerseys, football shirts and other football accessories of professional quality at an affordable price.

More info on Toronto Football Jerseys 

There are some subtle elements that differentiate custom football jerseys done right from those that are poorly made. It is very common for any football team to opt for custom uniforms and numbered jerseys, just keep in mind the little details that play a significant role in how your custom jerseys look.

The first thing that you want is for your football team to feel comfortable. Size, materials and the designs, depending on what you want, there are certain aspects that call for equal attention. Here we shall take a look at some aspects where people go wrong with custom uniforms or numbered jerseys.

We have commonly seen that a football team would order custom uniforms with a certain coloured strip on the shoulders. This colored strip is often in sync with the theme colour of the flag or an emblem that the football team may have. Many custom uniforms go wrong with the alignment of this strip. The strip has to be perfectly in sync with the shoulder of the players of your football team. One also has to take into consideration the fact that jerseys are subject to a lot of rough use at the time of designing. It is easy to make a mistake with such strips and other subtle aspects that can ruin the look of the custom uniforms. At Artik, we'll make sure your custom football jersey looks perfect!   Football jerseys bring a team together
Adding numbers to the back of your jerseys makes your team look more professional and gives each player a sense of team pride - but a misplaced number will look noticable flawed! At Artik, we  make sure your player numbers aren't printed a little lower than where they should be or a little towards the right or left. We've got over 30 years experience printing custom football jerseys, so we know the common mistakes to avoid! A member of your football team would know how much significance these numbers have for them and getting the numbered jerseys done right isn't a choice, it's mandatory.

Football uniforms printed and embroidered for your team.

Finally, one must look at the quality of the materials. With custom football uniforms, you've got the opportunity to choose everything, from materials, designs to the font of the numbered jerseys. Budget will always play a defining role but choosing the best material in terms of quality and longevity will ensure that you do not keep spending money on fixing your custom football uniforms and your team does not need another set before the season ends.

Since 1985, we’ve learned many lessons about creating custom football uniforms. Quality is key. You can trust our experienced football jersey team to make your team shine!