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Custom Printed Mugs from Artik Toronto

Your Design on Custom Printed Coffee Mugs!

Put your branding or design on high quality custom printed on mugs in Toronto. Custom printed mugs are affordable and they have fantastic reusability! Everyone loves to get a custom printed mug. Best of all, your brand's logo custom printed mug will be associated with warm drinks like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Mmm!  

Here at Artik, we carry a wide selection of custom printed ceramic mugs for your company, charity, or special event in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours; including two-tone and silicone lid mugs. Check out our selection below. Don't see what you're looking for? Contact one of our friendly Customer Service Reps, they'll be happy to help with you customize your ceramic mugs! 

Over 30 Years of Printing Designs on Mugs in Toronto

We got started in 1985 and we've been printing all kinds of custom designs onto different promotional products. Custom printing mugs is a specialty of ours, and our staff are Toronto's experts. Really! Ask around, we've printed custom mugs for thousands of customers. From schools and universities, to charities and events. We've printed mugs for marketing companies, and printed business logos of huge industries and small startups. We've even made photo mugs for gifts and reunions. So when you think custom mugs, think Artik Toronto! 

Types of Ceramic Mugs

C-Handle Mug: Looking for the standard mug? Our Fuzion C-Handle is dishwasher safe, affordable and extremely popular. Just choose the colour and contact our staff to order this custom mug!

Barrel Mug: A more unique mug, the barrel style can hold a massive 16oz of liquid. Add your logo to custom barrel mug to give as a promotional product at your next event!

C-Wave Handle Mug: A stylish alternative to our classic mug, the wave handle is comfortable to hold and comes in a variety of colours. Add your logo or message to create an awesome promotional product!

Two Tone Mug: Get a unique look with the two tone mug. Add your logo to the outside and choose the perfect colour for the inside! Our custom printers are experts at adding your logo or design to mugs of any kind!

Black Pearl Mug:  Get the high end look without breaking the bank with the black pearl mug! This dark, premium style mug is perfect for carrying coffee or tea while promoting your brand.

Glossy Medi Mug: Get the style and comfort of a disposable coffee cup without hurting the environment! This mug is a great sale item or promotional product, perfect for the car or on the go.

White Quartz Mug: This mug presents a tasteful design, worthy of a high-end brand or premium company. Promote your company with an elegant logo printed on the side, displaying your brand to the world.

Camping Mug: Put your logo on one of these colourful, totally unique camping coffee mugs. The happy trails coffee and tea mug is durable, affordable and loved by campers and city-lovers alike. Just contact our staff to add your logo to a custom camping mug.

Bistro Style Mug: Put your branding on a custom bistro-style mug. These mugs are attractive and durable, perfect for promoting your company while serving up a hot cup of tea or coffee. Choose the perfect colour and contact us to add your design.

Custom Photo Mug: Add your picture to a classic ceramic mug with the custom photo mug! These mugs are affordable and offer the most colourful, huge design area. Just contact our staff to put your family photo on these mugs for an upcoming event.

Custom Printed Mugs for your Restaurant or Coffee Shop 

Custom printed mugs are a great idea for your restaurant. They establish your brand for customers, make your business look more professional and make great merchandise or giveaways. Ordering custom printed mugs is fun and easy, from choosing the right mug style to creating your design, this article will help you make custom printed coffee mugs for your restaurant.

Choosing the Right Custom Mugs

There are a ton of custom mug styles available. From giant mugs that can hold enough coffee for a long morning, to small mugs that look cute on the table, to our standard coffee mug size. Once you’ve chosen the right size, check out custom coffee mug styles. From the simple custom printed mugs to the intricate and ornate, every coffee mug has it’s own look and feel. Finally, choose the right colour for your mug – we offer every colour in the rainbow with some mugs using alternate colours for the inside.

With all these options, how on earth can you choose the right custom mug? Look at your restaurant’s branding and try to choose the mugs that match your style. We recommend a simple, memorable design for your custom printed coffee mugs, choose colours that compliment your logo and the colour scheme of your restaurant.

If you run a coffee shop, think of your frequent customers. Are they busy professionals who would appreciate a simple coffee mug, or young artists who would appreciate the more playful design. Consider your regulars when you’re designing custom printed mugs for your coffee shop.

Creating The Design for Your Custom Mugs

You can simply add your restaurant’s logo to custom printed mugs and call it a day, or get creative! We’ve seen restaurants run design contests, create new slogans or funny comics. We’ve seen vintage designs and colourful designs and some hilarious doodles. Consider your restaurant’s current branding and make a mug that will fit into that brand. If you have a ton of kitschy stuff on the walls and funny tees for your employees, get playful with your custom coffee mugs. If you’ve got a tasteful brunch spot, go for a simple elegant design.

Ideas for Custom Coffee Mugs

Stock your custom coffee mugs in your restaurant and put them on every table for coffee and tea. Customers will look at your logo and think of your restaurant as they enjoy their morning coffee or evening tea. Add a little gift shop shelf to your coffee shop and sell custom printed coffee mugs, tees, hats and travel mugs to your loyal clientele. These printed items will go out into the world and help promote your business. Or give away free printed coffee mugs to your Facebook followers or Twitter contest winners.

At Artik, we’ve been printing custom mugs for years. Check out our selection of custom printed mugs, choose the right mug and contact our friendly staff. We’ll make your mugs perfectly and help you plan your budget, schedule and design for your custom.

Designing Promotional Coffee Mugs

Custom printed mugs are one of the best promotional giveaways available. Nothing stays on your desk for months, facing you and making an impression like a custom printed coffee mug does! Plus, customers will associate your brand with their coffee break or a hot cup of cocoa on a cold day.

12 Tips for designing custom mugs people will love

12. Make your mug stand out

Think of your favourite mug. Is it colourful? Does it say something cute on the side? Does it have a handle that fits your hand just right? How many years have you held onto it? When you’re designing custom mugs, choose one that’s unique in some way and it will make a bigger impression. Check out our selection of custom printed ceramic mugs here and choose a unique one. Then add your own unique design!

11. Choose dishwasher safe mugs

Some extra fancy mugs aren’t dishwasher safe. Sorry to say it, but people still put em in the dishwasher! Choose mugs that aren’t overly sensitive, delicate or hard to wash.

10. Designing a stunning custom print for your mug

Be sure to consider the size, shape and colour of your custom coffee mugs when you create your design. Contact an artist, a designer or crowdsource your design a www.99designs.com or www.designcrowd.com. You’ll get some stunning designs!

Remember, you don’t have to use your standard logo on your custom coffee mugs. Jimmy’s Coffee (who I’ve written about their custom mugs before) makes some beautiful variants of their custom coffee mug.

9. Make your custom mug a bit larger

Larger mugs are popular for a few reasons, they let you stir in milk and sugar without spilling, they fit comfortably in your hands and they carry more of your fave drink!

8. Limit colours on your custom mug to save money

It doesn’t take a lot of colours to make an impact! Limiting colours can save you money and still look great, try unique fonts and lineart designs. We find that hand drawn designs look really nice in one colour

7. Add a box to make a promotional gift

Last winter, we gave customers a little gift box with an Artik barrel mug and a pair of custom printed touchscreen gloves. This cozy little box made a big impression with our clients and staff and we're planning a sequel for next winter!

For a small charge, your mugs will come in cute little gift boxes!

6. Give custom printed ceramic mugs out around the holidays 

When Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, Winter Solstice, Yule, Candlenights and Festivus roll around, you can give a lovely gift of a custom printed mug to your most loyal customers!

Throw in a packet of hot chocolate mix and you've got an excellent holiday giveaway or merchandise item.

5. Make your custom printed mug funny!

Don't try to please everyone with your mug design, take a risk or just make a silly joke! 

The most dorky jokes just seem so much funnier on a custom printed coffee mug.

4. Make your custom printed ceramic mug beautiful

Or take another direction and get an artist to make your mug super beautiful. Artsy designs can look great printed on customized mugs. Consider matching the colour of the mug with your art to make the stunning custom mug possible!

 3. Design your own travel mugs 

We carry a variety of customizable travel mugs, including one that looks like a disposable coffee cup, but is made of porcelain. Travel mugs are handy for the road or the office and they can often be taken into coffee shops for a discount and to reduce on trash.

2. Quality over quantity 

Not all mugs are created equal. It may be cheaper to get a ton of mugs at the lowest price, and they'll do the job, but a higher quality mug will be held onto and cherished by your longtime customers and potential clients.

1. Brand that mug!

Your company has a brand out in the world, get it on that mug! Get creative, bright and memorable with your mugs and they'll help spread your brand.

Some people who wouldn't wear your logo on their shirt will be happy to use your logoed coffee cup. Check out our selection of custom drinkware here!