Jimmy’s Coffee is killing it with their merch (updated)

Coffee Shop Lapel Pins

Jimmy’s Coffee is one of my favourite coffee shops here in Toronto. I’ve been going there for years and it’s lovely to watch them open new locations on Queen and downtown.

Jimmy’s has some super loyal customers (myself included) and they sell some sweet merch items to promote themselves and build a following. Check out their always authentic instagram here and their shop here.

Any coffee shop, bar or restaurant could take a page out of Jimmy’s book when it comes to merch and honest branding, here are my favourite of Jimmy’s merch:

1. Jimmy’s Coffee Mugs

With two variations of their logo, Jimmy’s has the perfect merch item with their classic coffee mugs.

2. Screen Printed T-Shirts

I’ll admit I have two Jimmy’s tees in my closet. Comin in grey and dark grey, these shirts just look and feel awesome.


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3. Iconic Printed Paper Cups

If your product is gonna be carried all around the city, why not design some memorable compostable paper cups?

4. Cozy Embroidered Toques and Beanies

When winter comes to Toronto, these simple Jimmy’s beanies are all over the place.


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5. Custom Toronto Tote Bags

The Jimmy’s tote was designed to show off all their locations around the city. Perfect for loyal fans of the chain.

Custom Screen Printed Jimmy's Tote Bag Toronto

6. Toronto Local Baseball Tees

Each Jimmy’s location has it’s own branded baseball tee. Clever way to make the merch extra local.

7. Jimmy’s Printed Baseball Caps

Perfect merch for sunny days and bad hair days, Jimmy’s baseball caps are simple and they just look good.

8. Baby Onesies

Jimmy’s baby onesies are suuuuper cute! You know your customers love you when they dress their kids up in your merch <3

9. Custom Coffee Tumblers

When customers wanna take their coffee to go, you can offer a reusable coffee tumbler or travel mug!

10. Lapel Pins

Jimmy’s Coffee just added lapel pins to their merch game. We love this lapel pin for it’s simplicity – instead of a big JIMMY’S logo, they built off of their recognizable to go cup colours. Buy yours in store or at jimmyscoffee.ca

What Can You Learn from Jimmy’s?

1. A coffee shop can go way beyond printed mugs! Jimmy’s Coffee has used a smorgasbord of well designed products to build themselves a recognizable brand.

2. Instagram is where people are hanging out. @Jimmys_coffee has been posting good pics every day as a chill way to stay on people’s minds.

3. Let your staff have fun with social media, by not micro-managing their feed, Jimmy’s has a lot more authentic posts and human interaction with their customers and followers.

Follow Jimmy’s Coffee on instagram (it’s always good) and check out their online shop here or just go into a coffee shop to pick up some tea and a tee.

If you’re interested in getting merch made for your shop, contact Artik.com and we’ll make it happen! We’re friendly, fast and ‘ffordable. Meet us on Instagram here @artiktoronto

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