How Artik came to be Named Artik

Custom t-shirts printed in Toronto at Artik


What’s in a name?

Why are we named Artik? This all goes back to 1985. Fresh out of York University and chose to make my own designs on T-shirts.  I then sold them to stores and in flea markets. Originally named the company ‘Winterfield Design’, honouring my Dad’s family name. The problem in those days, before the internet, was the Yellow Pages were the main game in town. When customers wanted to find anything, especially when they were ready to buy, they would look in the Yellow Pages. There was a great advantage to having a name that started with an A. With a name starting with an you showed up first on the listings. My ‘Winterfield Design’ was deep with the W’s. I ventured on finding a new name for my company. 

Artik Logo with polar bear

The search for a new name.

I remember weeks of looking at other company names and coming up with many ideas for a name that starts with the letter A. Then, one day while with my wife in Kentucky, she noticed a store call Artique. It was an Antique store that combined the words ART+ANTIQUE=ARTIQUE.

I thought of the art of dying fabrics, BATIK. A process of applying wax to some areas of fabric that resist the dye and then dying the whole fabric. Thus creating a fabric designs. I always associated the word batik with the hippies and ‘The Grateful Dead’ colorfully dyed T-shirts. So I took the words ART+BATIK=ARTIK. The name Artik was borne. Being the early days of the internet I was able to get the URL this is one of Artik’s most important assets.

Here comes Google!

Now I was at the top of the listing of the Yellow Pages, of course many companies took this idea to the extreme. Moving companies in particular were battling for position. ‘AAAFast MOVERs’ and ‘AAAA Quality Movers’ and so on. Then the internet started to take hold. I still remember in the 90’s talking to my Yellow Pages sales person and telling him the internet is coming. He could not grasp the change that is coming. The Yellow Pages company itself mostly missed the boat on the early internet. Google swallowed the Yellow Pages like the the whale swallowed Jonah. Unlike Jonah the Yellow Pages was not saved in the end. I am aware that the Yellow Pages does have some web presence now but it’s a tiny fraction of the business that Google does. Nowadays Google is our most important marketing driver. The majority of people turn to a Google search when looking for any product.  It takes money and consistent work to show prominently on a Google search. Gone are the days where a name started with A is any help.   


What Artik does.

With my original company ‘Winterfield Design’ I did many creative designs to sell but with Artik we changed direction. We now focus on doing custom screen printed T-shirts, custom printed mugs and many custom printed promotional products.
Custom printed T-shirt done by Artik
Movie industry printed T-shirts
We have a wide variety of customers from almost any industry you can name. To name a few: Entertainment industry printed
wardrobe. Marketing companies looking for branded garments and products for their customers.
Custom printed T's and banners for Startup Canada
Silk screened T’s and banners
Schools and Universities looking for custom printed hooded sweat shirts, embroidered caps. Schools also order many of those promo products you see school registration tables offering new students. We have done printed umbrellas for financial institutions, customized note books for tech companies and thousands of other products.
Seneca College had a printed table cloth at their trade show booth located at the entrance of TCAF
Custom promotional products for schools
Now we also added a bear icon to Artik and I feel happy and content with our company name ARTIK out logo and our URL
Artik Logo with polar bear
Artik Logo with polar bear

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