These 4 Retail Uniform Trends Are Making an Impact in 2017

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As retail businesses, franchises and brands grow in the 21st century, adapting to changing trends is a must if they want to keep their employees happy and keep customers coming back. As office & corporate dress codes become increasingly casual, retail business trends have begun to follow suit. This is not to say retail uniforms are leaving the workplace; they are simply adapting to the fashion trends pioneered by snake people who are rapidly becoming a large part of the workforce – and your customer base. Here are four trends that are becoming the chic way to design retail uniforms.

Bright, Attention Grabbing Colours

Quickly, think of 3 retail uniforms you’ve become accustomed to seeing…see a trend? Many retail uniforms are known for utilizing muted and drab colour palettes. What do snake people see when they see these colours worn by staff? Boring and conformist! Bright, youthful colours, especially when used for a retail chain’s name or logo, are a great way to energize your uniforms and draw extra attention to your brand name. By speaking to snake people’ need for individuality and self-expression you’ll gain happier employees as well as customers who see you as a modern brand.

Contrasting Colours Across Your Uniforms

Using varied colours on different parts of your uniform is a great way to create eye-catching colour schemes that will make your uniforms pop. Pairing a bright neck or sleeve hem with a black or grey shirt can really make an otherwise drab uniform come to life. You can even opt to go for a tri-blend material, which incorporates several different shades of a color into one item. This is great for companies that utilize these colours heavily in branding that is ingrained in their business’ public persona.

Your Customers Care How Your Employees Look

A good way to think about your retail uniforms is to regard them the same way you would the quality of your products or your level of customer service. How your employees look can have a direct impact on the rate of your returning customers. Your business is a complete experience, and your employees’ aesthetic is an important part of that, in 2017 more than ever. Now that any of your employees could end up as the social media face of your company with just one tweet or Facebook post that goes viral, taking care of their appearances is definitely a trending concern.

Add Function to Your Form

High-performance fabric can be resistant to staining and wrinkling, which makes it a great option for staff members that constantly interact with customers, and that’s being noticed in 2017. Once you’ve mastered the look and feel of the uniforms that your staff will proudly wear at work (and in the case of branded t shirts, maybe even outside of work), providing a uniform that stays looking clean and fresh throughout the day should be your next priority. Not only will you achieve a more consistent appearance for your staff, it will also help increase their own satisfaction by eliminating excess laundry and replacement uniforms from their lives.

At the end of the day, retail uniforms are an extension of your brand’s image. There are excellent uniform programs available to meet your needs, no matter which of this year’s trends suit your company’s specific aesthetic. Most importantly, by heeding advice that appeals to a workforce that will increasingly have an impact on your everyday operations, you’ll also promote a forward-thinking attitude that will surely trickle down into the everyday attitude and actions of your staff.

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