How Uniforms Affect Your Brand Identity

Few things make a bigger first impression for your business than your employees’ uniform. It’s the first thing that customers look for when trying to determine who the staff members are, and the most obvious way the tone and mission of the brand is represented.

What Can a Uniform Do for a Brand?

A company’s uniform does a lot for both the perception of the brand and how the business actually runs. Some of the key things about the right uniform are:

  • It makes the staff appear to be a team. This communicates a friendly environment and a place where people work together. It can also have a profound effect on the staff, providing them with a real sense of belonging, equality, and pride.
  • Wearing a recognizable uniform makes staff members take their roles as brand ambassadors a little more seriously, which is an attitude that will certainly be picked up on by customers.
  • Consumers have proven to be more likely to patronize businesses whose staff wear uniforms – it makes them look more knowledgeable, professional, and competent, a JD Power study found.
  • A uniform with prominent branding is a walking advertisement for your business. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right design. More on this later.

The Right Uniform 

There are a few factors that go into choosing the right uniform for your business.

The design of the uniform is one of the most important decisions. Whether you choose to place only your logo on them, or add a design, promotion, or contact information on the back, make sure it looks appropriate for the business you’re in. A dress shirt and tie would fit well in a high end restaurant while a brightly colored t-shirt is perfect for working with children.

Uniforms should fit your employees well and be relatively simple. Employees should feel comfortable in their uniforms so avoid any potential embarrassing elements, like funny hats or accessories. Simple designs that suit any body type are the best way to go.

Colour choice is more important than you might think. It’s generally best to go with the colours of your business or something that will complement your logo. That said, don’t forget that the colours themselves communicate something about your business. Blue implies responsibility, while green and brown suggest organic or environmentally responsible brands.

The fabric you choose will depend on the type of business you have. Employees doing heavy labor outdoors will need something a little more durable than those who work inside all day. A landscaper would probably prefer a short sleeved tee while a waitress at an upscale restaurant would be fine with a button down.


The quality of the uniform is the most important part of the image it portrays. You can have a perfect design but if it wears quickly, it communicates cheapness and a lack of quality. For example, if your employees all wear a dark blue tee-shirt with a bright white logo, but some of them are wearing blue that has faded and the logo is peeling off of others, what is that going to say about your business? That’s why using a skilled printer like Artik can help your employee uniforms stay sharp and bright — if you choose screen printing for your uniforms, when the ink is cured properly the print should outlast the garment itself!

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