How to save money on shipping

Shipping Canada

Ever use a freight savings company? Imagine you need to ship a skid of T-shirts from Florida to Toronto, it gets expensive. But have you heard of LTL, not LOL it’s LTL and it can save you money on freight. LTL is ‘Less Than Load’.

Some time soon a truck from Florida will be heading to Toronto, maybe it’s bringing a fresh shipment of avocados, or sandals or whatever, but guess what, the truck has 15% free space. What if you could sneak your skid of T-shirts onto the truck right between the avocados and sandals. Now it will not be expensive at all,

If you need a service like this contact it’s run by a really nice fellow named David and he will help save you money or he gets nothing, not even an avocado.

Contact him here:
David K. Hassur
Partner                                            TSG-Central Division
1096 Duval Street, Ste 120 Lexington, KY 40515

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