Commercial animates T-shirts screen printed designs

Interesting use of screen printed T-shirts in an ad for AGF Investments a mainstream investor company for Canadian and international companies.

The ad bridges several topical ideas. Old technology, natural resources, new technology, logistics and shipping, innovation, old world and new world, local Canadian investment, global investment and diversification.  AGF acts as the bridge between all these to communicate that it give you stability and peace of mind.
The commercial features a line up of people with screen printed T-shirts, as we zoom in on the design and move from person to person we get an animated effect of the different T-shirt screen printed images. I’m not sure but I assume these were not actual screen printed shirts but done as a computer digital effect by an advertising company.

It is interesting that the topic of the commercial is about how the demand for new technology also means a demand for natural resources that are needed to create it. This could be the reason AGF used an older, analog screen printed images on garments showcasing mining equipment and then bridge the idea to the fact that even with the increasing demand for new technology, we still need natural resources to make the new technology devices we all use and depend on.
With the mining imagery we get a direct link to Canada and it’s abundance of natural resources and mining company and how this fits and serves the new technology world. The commercial then moves on to logistics and shipping and a new cycle of technological innovation to communicate that in today’s world investing can’t just be local – Canad, natural resources but needs to be global.
The ad also showcases a line up of different people with different printed garments and then ties them together and concludes with an emphasis on the need to diversify investments to achieve stability and consistent investment results.
Internally here at Artik we live this diversified world, some of biggest clients want custom printed T-shirts and sweatshirts and hoodies for mining corporation and on the other side we do many custom printed garments and promotional products for tech companies like Facebook, Google, Roger and others.
AGF has a nice Tiger logo but our Polar Bear is just a little bit cooler! What do you think?

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