7 Branded Accessories Smartphone Users Can’t Live Without

Promotional products for phone lovers!


When your business or charity wants to share a message in a lasting, relevant way, cellphone accessories are a great option. Our modern world is ever-connected, and people are communicating and sharing ideas every second of the day, which makes branded smartphone accessories something that will – literally – always be at their fingertips.

Cell Phone Accessories for the Tech-Savvy

These phone accessories are so versatile and practical, your clients will use them every day. And it’s a great way to spread the word – wherever these tech products go, they take your message along. Win – win!

1. Touch Screen Gloves

You’re walking outside on a cold, windy day, listening to your favourite music on your smartphone. Your gloved hands are deep in your pockets, and a song comes up that you just have to skip – the last thing you want to do is take your gloves off in the cold just for one tap of the screen.

Now there is perfect solution for you and your customers. Customized touch screen gloves are available in a wide range of colours and prints. The special design allows the user to swipe, tap, and dial on their smartphone without taking them off. The acrylic material combined with conductive fibers interact with devices to allow smartphone users to handle their devices while also keeping their hands warm. Of all the promotional gifts we create, this is the one that gets the best reviews and most appreciation.

2. Portable Docking Stations

Portable docking stations allow customers to take their music – and your brand – with them wherever they go. These may be used for smartphones, iPods, and other mp3 players. Portable docking stations may have charging capabilities to keep devices up and running the whole day through. With the popularity of immersive location-based games like Pokémon Go, the need for power on the go is higher and more popular than ever.

3. 2-in-1 Charging Cables

These 2-in-1 charging cables and custom usb drives are perfect as a branded giveaway. It doesn’t matter with the charging cables if your customers use Apple or Android, this dual-ended micro USB and 8 pin connector will keep them charged up at any USB port or USB compatible charger. .

4. Smartphone Stands

Today more than ever users are spending time online and watching videos on their smartphones – users that are gifted a branded stand will really appreciate the convenience, with the added bonus of having your message in front of them while they watch their screen.

Smartphone stands are available in a variety of colors and designs and can be personalized with a logo, business name, or marketing message. They may be made from leatherette materials or high-quality plastic and are designed to provide a better view of a screen at a desk or table.

5. Car Converters

It’s a beautiful day, you’re driving down the highway, and suddenly you realize that nothing looks familiar… You’re lost! We’ve all been there one time or another. So, you turn to your phone’s map to get back on track… and your phone is almost out of power. What now?

Be a hero for your customers by providing them with a branded car charger that will help keep them moving ahead. USB car chargers and power adapters are ideal for customers on-the-go. These accessories use a standard cord with a USB adaptor on one end while the other end plugs into the phone, music player, or other device.

6. Smartphone Wallets

Going for a walk or a jog, but don’t want to take your purse or wallet? Just use this convenient smart phone wallet. These wallets stick right to the back of most phones and cases. Card sleeves, card holders, and smartphone wallets are a convenient way to keep cards and other items close without a bulky bag.

7. Portable Power Banks

Portable power banks offer an easy way for individuals to charge electronic devices quickly and safely when on the go, and the bonus here is that it also carries your brand. Users simply plug their smartphones into the USB port and go about their tasks while the wireless device charges the smartphone, tablet, or any other USB capable device. Your customers will thank you when you rescue them from being stranded with no juice!

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