Find Out Why Top Retailers & Charities are Switching to Printing Programs

When a charity, company or retail chain has scaled up to a certain point and has a large number of employees or volunteers, it is often no longer practical to hold to the same uniform ordering processes used when there were only a few people on staff. When they reach this point, businesses of all types have the opportunity to implement uniform programs that are efficient, time-saving and cost-effective, alleviating stress for everyone involved.

Uniform programs are a hassle-free way for retail chains, franchises, and charitable organizations to allow their store managers, franchisees, and volunteers to order (and reorder) branded apparel for their team. Rather than having a team at a head office location coordinate the production, shipping, and payment of uniforms for dozens, or even hundreds, of locations across the country, a webstore-based uniform program lets approved personnel login, order, pay, and get the branded apparel they need shipped to them, with no administrative overhead; the online store will communicate directly with the printer to fulfil the orders and process payment.

The first step in the process is to connect with a trusted and experienced uniform provider, one who will listen to your needs. This team of professionals will take the time to understand your unique business situation and get you set up with the best uniform options for your employees or team.

Creating An Inventory & Easy Re-Order Process

Convenient ordering and shipping methods mean customers; franchisees and employees can receive their products with ease. By setting up a program for a web store, businesses are able to order and reorder printed products (with the same design) effortlessly. When a new order comes in from any franchise location it is simply printed or pulled from an already printed inventory and shipped out to the saved address. This saves businesses a lot of time and administration.

This efficient system of designing, ordering, and allowing managers to secure uniforms online provides charities and businesses with the peace of mind that comes with knowing their needs are taken care of. When a company like Artik handles the stocking, shipping, and pre-authorized payments, it allows business owners and supervisors to have one less thing to worry about and delegate accordingly.

Printing Process

innovative and efficient methods of printing, Artik will pre-print the merchandise you need with your choice of graphics or unique message. By following the simple steps online, you can set up your account, upload your artwork, and we will take care of the rest. In no time at all, your custom design will be ready for sale and promotion.

Connect with a Trusted Uniform Specialist

A uniform program is a unique way to secure what you need for your employees or team of volunteers at the moment you need it. For businesses and groups who need re-occurring orders of the same prints, our convenient process allows you to design your apparel, have it printed and shipped right to your door when it’s most convenient.

As a trusted and experienced printing team, the professionals at Artik are committed to working with your organization in order to help you create a successful program. We can handle orders of large volume, hold stock until you’re ready to receive your products, provide trusted advice, and deliver quality customer service to you on a consistent basis.

Contact us today to inquire about a uniform program for your organization.

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Ideas for swag and promo items for Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16 parties, Birthdays and all kind of parties.

Following are some ideas for party swag and party favors our customers ordered over the years, many of the customized promotional items have different minimum orders, follow the links to get more info on these promo items.

While this list is extensive if you want a specific product not here you can always contact our friendly reps and we will help you source the item you want.

T-shirt – as giveaways and prizes
Custom printed High end fashion T’s

Drawstring Knapsacks

Custom printed Foam items – great for throwing on the dance floor

Custom shape stress balls

Tote bags as gift bags

Custom printed napkins

Save the Date magnets

Custom magnets

Custom shape magnets

Invitations, Post cards, envelopes

Event Buttons and combine it with a draw – everyone gets a button with a unique number and there is a draw for prizes.

Custom printed balloons

Headwear Caps

Headwear Bandanas

Customized playing card decks

Rally towels

Candies in cans or bags

Glowing items, not on our site yet–White_p_8626.html–Red–GLOWBBR_p_6771.html

Have any idea for Swag, party favors, favours, promo items, promo products, promotional products? Please let us know.











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5 Health & Wellness Promotional Gifts That Are Heating Up This Spring

Springtime often brings with it the inspiration to get outside, be more active, and make positive changes involving health and wellness. From urban favourites like running, yoga and cycling, to fitness trackers and swimming solutions, health and wellness promotional gifts appeal to a wide audience while also spreading your unique message and positioning your brand as one that cares about your customer’s wellbeing.

Health and Wellness Promotional Gifts to Give This Spring

When your focus is on health and wellness promotional gifts, there are a variety of high-quality products that will encourage a more active lifestyle and help to get the word out about your business, organization, or non-profit group. Check out these five health and wellness gifts that are perfect to give this spring season.

1.Yoga Mats

For the fitness enthusiast, a yoga mat is a practical and worthwhile product that will be used again and again. Mats are made of high-quality, extra thick PVC and include a carrying bag with shoulder strap. This allows a yogi to take their mat – and your message – with them to the park, the gym, or anywhere their group is meeting. Your customers and all the participants in the class will see your logo and message again and again.

2. Reusable Water Bag

Reusable water bags are foldable and easy to take along to work, school, or the gym. The collapsible design comes with a lid and will roll up when not in use. Water bags stand upright when filled with liquid, making them both portable and convenient. Water containers like bags and bottles can be personalized so that your brand is shared every time your customer takes a sip.

3. Wrist Wallets

If your clients are active in walking, running, cycling, or other sports activities, a zippered wrist wallet is a lightweight option they can use to take your brand on-the-go. A wrist wallet can hold an ID, cash, hotel card, keys, and credit cards safely and close to the wearer.

4. Shaker Bottles

Shaker bottles continue to be popular for nutrition shakes, healthy smoothies, and meal replacement drinks at home and away. A secure lid, high-quality plastic materials, and plastic shaker ball all contribute to a design that blends and delivers healthy ingredients (and your branded message!) just when your customers need them.

5. Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers continue to be popular among exercise enthusiasts, but also with individuals who just want to be sure they are getting in all their steps for the day. A wrist pedometer band includes an LED display with time, distance, calories burned, and steps taken so that the user can stay on track and keep fit during daily activities, all with the help of your brand.

Partnering with a Printer You Can Trust

When you are ready to give the hottest health and wellness promotional products to help market your brand, the first step is to find a reliable, knowledgeable, and modern printing company that can create what you need. A qualified team will help you make the right choices about materials and guide you in finding the right product and the right type of printing and volume amount for your business, team, or special event.

Artik’s custom printing product and service lines can help your small business or non-profit increase its exposure and market itself as a leader in your community. Printed promotional products are a cost-effective, unique, and long-lasting way to spread your message and keep your brand top of mind. As an authority in the printing industry, Artik is positioned to provide advice on the best products for brand awareness and see you through the printing and shipping process hassle-free.

Contact us today to discuss your health & wellness promo product project.

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Before You Order: Important Differences Between Manual and Automatic Screen Printing

When you are looking at getting custom prints done for your next project you may be interested to know what the difference is between a manual screen printing process and automatic screen printing. The general rule of thumb for selecting which will best suit your needs is run size. There can be other factors as well such as intricacy of design and number of colours required. Most often though, it will come down to how many items you need printed and how quickly you need them.

Manual and Automatic Screen Printing Techniques – How Are They Different?

There are some differences between manual and automatic screen printing processes, as well as benefits and drawbacks to both methods. Here is a snapshot of factors that can be used to differentiate them both and select the process that will best suit your needs.

The Basics of a Manual Screen Printing Process

If you’re only looking to produce a short run of prints, or have nothing but time to produce your long-run of custom prints manually, then going somewhere that offers manual screen printing might make sense. Sometimes companies running automatic presses will have a minimum quantity that you simply cannot meet or do not need. This is the main reason smaller unique projects are often done on a manual press.

The manual screen printing process is done by hand and allows the designer to make adjustments as the product is printed, change the color on the go, and print a color twice. A manual screen printing machine uses a rotary screen and capabilities may range from 4 colors up to 14, depending on the model of printer.

A manual press does require more physical effort when it comes to rotating the carousel and lifting and lowering the print heads. Getting the alignment just right (over and over on small jobs) takes some practice and expertise when doing it by hand.

The Basics of an Automatic Screen Printing Technique

If you are requiring a longer run of prints then automatic screen printing is going to be your best option. For example, if you are hosting a not-for-profit charity event and need to supply all participants, volunteers and spectators with t-shirts and custom printed swag then it’s important that there is continuity between garments. There is no room for strange placements or errors – things need to look 100% consistent. Also, going along with the same example, many not-for-profit events require large runs produced in a short time in order to add last-minute sponsor logos on garments.

While an automatic printer can produce 3,000 – 5,000 shirts per day, a manual printer may be limited to producing only 400 (at best). Larger screens (common to automatic screen printers) also allow for bigger designs to be screen printed on the garments.

Automated screen printers have advantages over manual printers, including:

  • shorter production and turnaround time – an automatic machine can do a day’s work of one person in as little as 2 hours
  • lower labour cost
  • less physical labour during the process

There are advantages to both automated and manual screen printers, and the best option depends on the needs of the business. Be sure to partner with a printer that offers both forms of screen printing services, so they can advise you on which process would best suit your unique design and volume.

Contact us today to discuss your screen printing project.

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5 Tips for Choosing a Custom Uniform Partner

You never get a second chance at a first impression, which is why uniforms are so important to a company’s brand and identity. When your small business or retail chain needs to partner with a printer to create and supply uniforms, there are a lot of different factors to take into consideration. This is a decision to not take lightly, as this relationship is the start to providing your group or team with the apparel they need to look their best and represent the physical embodiment of your organization. Finding a provider that can handle the volume you need while still maintaining the highest quality is critical to having an adequate supply with a fast delivery time.

Tips for Choosing a Qualified Uniform Partner

There are some steps that businesses and groups can take in order to streamline the uniform purchasing process and alleviate unnecessary stress for person placing the order.

1. Check out customer testimonials

Find out what other customers have to say about their experience with the company you are considering. These reviews may be posted on the website, social media pages, or general review sites such as Yelp. Were customers pleased with the products used, customer service, and pricing? If there were issues, were they resolved in a reasonable amount of time?

2. Gauge customer service

When you do business with a custom uniform partner, the most efficient process involves partnering a dedicated service representative with each customer. Customers should be able to upload images with ease and move through the site via a relatively smooth experience. If something goes wrong, will customer service fix the problem at no additional cost?

3. Ask about the middleman – or lack of one

If a company commits to performing most of the work in-house, this lowers costs and saves customers money. Having a dedicated space in which to store inventory means customers should receive their orders quicker than if the company goes through a third party. Companies that utilize the most innovative and advanced equipment will be better able to deliver the best product in the quickest amount of time in addition to fulfilling your volume requirements.

4. Find out if there is a satisfaction guarantee

Customers should always know upfront what the process is if they end up being unhappy with the final product. Does the company stand behind its product and work, and provide a replacement product if any errors occur? The length of time that a company has been producing quality custom uniforms will be an indication of their level of experience and commitment to the process.

5. Make sure bulk pricing is saving you money

Bulk pricing has the potential to save a customer quite a bit of money, but only if the company offers a low price. It is worth the time to shop around a bit and compare costs in order to secure the very best price for your uniform needs. When you are doing business with a company, you should know fairly soon into the process how experienced the team is, their response to customers’ needs, and how organized they are. Customers should always expect the best possible bulk pricing without having to compromise on the level of service they receive.

Connect with a Trusted Uniform Partner

As a trusted company with the resources required to work with other large enterprises, Artik stands as a provider that can handle your volume, hold stock for your need, provide trusted advice, and perform consistently on every job, no matter your specific requirements. Contact us today to discuss your printing project with one of our experts.

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7 Branded Accessories Smartphone Users Can’t Live Without

When your business or charity wants to share a message in a lasting, relevant way, cellphone accessories are a great option. Our modern world is ever-connected, and people are communicating and sharing ideas every second of the day, which makes branded smartphone accessories something that will – literally – always be at their fingertips.

Cell Phone Accessories for the Tech-Savvy

These phone accessories are so versatile and practical, your clients will use them every day. And it’s a great way to spread the word – wherever these tech products go, they take your message along. Win – win!

1. Touch Screen Gloves

You’re walking outside on a cold, windy day, listening to your favourite music on your smartphone. Your gloved hands are deep in your pockets, and a song comes up that you just have to skip – the last thing you want to do is take your gloves off in the cold just for one tap of the screen.

Now there is perfect solution for you and your customers. Customized touch screen gloves are available in a wide range of colours and prints. The special design allows the user to swipe, tap, and dial on their smartphone without taking them off. The acrylic material combined with conductive fibers interact with devices to allow smartphone users to handle their devices while also keeping their hands warm. Of all the promotional gifts we create, this is the one that gets the best reviews and most appreciation.

2. Portable Docking Stations

Portable docking stations allow customers to take their music – and your brand – with them wherever they go. These may be used for smartphones, iPods, and other mp3 players. Portable docking stations may have charging capabilities to keep devices up and running the whole day through. With the popularity of immersive location-based games like Pokémon Go, the need for power on the go is higher and more popular than ever.

3. 2-in-1 Charging Cables

These 2-in-1 charging cables are perfect as a branded giveaway; it doesn’t matter if your customers use Apple or Android, this dual-ended micro USB and 8 pin connector will keep them charged up at any USB port or USB compatible charger.

4. Smartphone Stands

Today more than ever users are spending time online and watching videos on their smartphones – users that are gifted a branded stand will really appreciate the convenience, with the added bonus of having your message in front of them while they watch their screen.

Smartphone stands are available in a variety of colors and designs and can be personalized with a logo, business name, or marketing message. They may be made from leatherette materials or high-quality plastic and are designed to provide a better view of a screen at a desk or table.

5. Car Converters

It’s a beautiful day, you’re driving down the highway, and suddenly you realize that nothing looks familiar… You’re lost! We’ve all been there one time or another. So, you turn to your phone’s map to get back on track… and your phone is almost out of power. What now?

Be a hero for your customers by providing them with a branded car charger that will help keep them moving ahead. USB car chargers and power adapters are ideal for customers on-the-go. These accessories use a standard cord with a USB adaptor on one end while the other end plugs into the phone, music player, or other device.

6. Smartphone Wallets

Going for a walk or a jog, but don’t want to take your purse or wallet? Just use this convenient smart phone wallet. These wallets stick right to the back of most phones and cases. Card sleeves, card holders, and smartphone wallets are a convenient way to keep cards and other items close without a bulky bag.

7. Portable Power Banks

Portable power banks offer an easy way for individuals to charge electronic devices quickly and safely when on the go, and the bonus here is that it also carries your brand. Users simply plug their smartphones into the USB port and go about their tasks while the wireless device charges the smartphone, tablet, or any other USB capable device. Your customers will thank you when you rescue them from being stranded with no juice!

Connect with a Trusted Promotional Printing Company

As an authority in the printing industry, Artik’s custom printing products and services can help your team or business increase exposure and market share through the personalization of tech products, which can be used as swag and giveaways. Our commitment to providing the highest quality products and friendly service keeps our customers happy and coming back for more. Connecting with a reliable and knowledgeable supplier who can provide what you need and help you make the right choices on customized items is a great place to start when you need promotional materials.

Contact us today to discuss your custom promotional product project.

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Understanding Screen Printing Basics (What is Screen Printing, Anyway?)

The history of screen printing goes all the way back to the first century when crude methods were used and then refined by printers in Asian countries. Today, the business of screen printing onto garments serves the promotional needs of companies, sports teams, and groups of all types.

Screen printing is the fastest, most efficient, and most durable form of decorating T-shirts, apparel items, tote bags, bandannas, and other fabric products. Here are some other things about the process of screen printing and the steps that are taken to make sure a product turns out perfectly that you may want to know before choosing screen printing for your promotional item needs:

3 Things You May Not Know About Screen Printing

1. Screen printing is an artistic process.

Screen printing begins with exposing a film containing the printed artwork to a special screen made of a mesh material using UV light. This creates a negative image on the mesh that will allow ink to pass through the clear areas, or areas where the artwork exists in the original. After the screen is exposed, washed out, and dried, the screen is ready for ink application. The preparation of the ink is a specialized process that varies depending on fabric colour and material, equipment used, and other factors that printing experts can identify.

The screens are registered and mounted on a screen printing machine and a test print is made; if all looks good, printing can proceed. A person on a manual printer, or in more recent years, an automatic screen printing machine, applies the inks—an effective innovation that allows companies to print many products throughout the course of a day. After the first color is dried with a flash cure unit, the second color can be screen printed onto the material. The garments are put into conveyor dryer with infrared heat that cures the ink making sure the print will last a long time.

2. Graphic designers are part of the screen printing process.

After a customer decides on the design and colour he or she wants on their t-shirts, a graphic designer separates the colours onto a special film, which is then attached to a screen. After a detailed process of preparing the screen and mixing colours, the operator applies the inks to the t-shirts via a screen printing machine. Once this step is complete, the inks are then dried and the completed order is prepared for the customer. More advanced methods include the use of i-Image screen printer, where the image is prepared with more technologically-advanced digital practices, and the colour separated image is then printed directly onto the screens eliminating the need for films.

3. Screen printing is done one color at a time.

During the screen printing process, one color is applied at a time. For each colour of a design, an additional screen is used this is why the artist has to separate the ink colours in the art preparation step. The number of colour arms on a printing press determines how many colours can be printed at a time. This process of screen printing makes it one of the most high-quality and efficient methods for apparel design. The care that is given to each garment ensures the colors don’t overlap and are registered perfectly to result in a beautiful vibrant and durable print.

Screen printing is a form of art that can transform ordinary materials into wearable art through innovative design methods and a unique attention-to-detail. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our behind-the-scenes video:

Think that screen printing is the solution you need? Contact us today with any questions about your project.

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New design tool test

Welcome to our new design tool  

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How to save money on shipping

Ever use a freight savings company? Imagine you need to ship a skid of T-shirts from Florida to Toronto, it gets expensive. But have you heard of LTL, not LOL it’s LTL and it can save you money on freight. LTL is ‘Less Than Load’.

Some time soon a truck from Florida will be heading to Toronto, maybe it’s bringing a fresh shipment of avocados, or sandals or whatever, but guess what, the truck has 15% free space. What if you could sneak your skid of T-shirts onto the truck right between the avocados and sandals. Now it will not be expensive at all,

If you need a service like this contact it’s run by a really nice fellow named David and he will help save you money or he gets nothing, not even an avocado.

Contact him here:
David K. Hassur
Partner                                            TSG-Central Division
1096 Duval Street, Ste 120 Lexington, KY 40515

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How is the hockey 3 on 3 overtime rule change working out?

Hockey season is back along with some new and improved rules for the 2015-2016 NHL season. This year the overtime period, usually played 4 on 4, will now be played 3 on 3. The national hockey league feels that 3 on 3 overtimes will be more entertaining for the fans and will help decide games with fewer shootouts.

Hockey-3-on-3-BNotice all the open ice with 3 on 3 hockey.

The NHL is hoping they have the same success as the AHL had in 2014-15 season. By adding a 3-on-3 element to its format, the American Hockey League had 75% of overtime games decided with a goal without a need for a shootout. A huge rise from the 35% in 2013-14, when they played under a 4-on-4 overtime format.

We do custom printed hockey uniforms for many teams in Toronto and we were curious how the new 3 on 3 rule is working out.

From the 2003-2004 season up until this current season overtime hockey has been played 4 on 4 and before that it was played 5 on 5 but with that amount of players on the ice it was not allowing as many overtime wins as the NHL wanted.

In the seasons from 2005-2015, of all past-regulation games 56% of them have ended in a shootout. The NHL feels that overtime wins should be way more common than what they were. With 3 on 3 overtime, there will be a lot more strategy, odd man rushes and more overtime wins.

So far as of Dec 1st 2015 the 3 on 3 format has been a success. As you can see from the chart below games have been decided by an overtime goal 68% of the time this 2015-2016 season compared with 56% last year.

Hockey ChartChart source:

The NHL stated that the purpose for this change is to lessen the amount of shootouts. They want the game to move faster and be more interesting for everyone. The players were asked their thoughts on the new rules and most said that 3 on 3 overtime is going to make the game more interesting. Steven Stamkos from the Tampa Bay Lightning said in an interview “I’m terrible at shootouts so I’m excited to play 3 on 3 overtime.” Most players feel that way except for the goalies. The goalies have their work cut out for them. Since there is more open space on the ice, the players with speed will have more opportunities for odd man rushes which results in many more good opportunities to score. The goalies will need to be able to stop all the shots without help from defense-man.

Overall this is a huge change to the league and for the players. They will have to learn new plays and new ways to defend the odd man rush. Throughout the season we’ll all have to see how it works out. But for now coaches, players and most fans feel very optimistic huge change.

Not everyone is a fan of the new format, the reigning Norris Trophy winner Erik Karlsson a defense-man for the Ottawa Senators feels it’s not really hockey. He says “It’s not really hockey. It’s whoever holds on to the puck longest and whoever cheats the most. Small stuff like that. Kinda boring… I don’t really know what extra purpose it serves other than getting players extra tired. I don’t see why we would keep it.”

But the league and the fans seem to like the speed and excitement so we should expect the 3 on 3 to continue into the future.

How do you like the 3 on 3 overtime? Leave a comment below.

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