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How to save money on shipping

Ever use a freight savings company? Imagine you need to ship a skid of T-shirts from Florida to Toronto, it gets expensive. But have you heard of LTL, not LOL it’s LTL and it can save you money on freight. LTL is ‘Less Than Load’.

Some time soon a truck from Florida will be heading to Toronto, maybe it’s bringing a fresh shipment of avocados, or sandals or whatever, but guess what, the truck has 15% free space. What if you could sneak your skid of T-shirts onto the truck right between the avocados and sandals. Now it will not be expensive at all,

If you need a service like this contact it’s run by a really nice fellow named David and he will help save you money or he gets nothing, not even an avocado.

Contact him here:
David K. Hassur
Partner                                            TSG-Central Division
1096 Duval Street, Ste 120 Lexington, KY 40515

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How is the hockey 3 on 3 overtime rule change working out?

Hockey season is back along with some new and improved rules for the 2015-2016 NHL season. This year the overtime period, usually played 4 on 4, will now be played 3 on 3. The national hockey league feels that 3 on 3 overtimes will be more entertaining for the fans and will help decide games with fewer shootouts.

Hockey-3-on-3-BNotice all the open ice with 3 on 3 hockey.

The NHL is hoping they have the same success as the AHL had in 2014-15 season. By adding a 3-on-3 element to its format, the American Hockey League had 75% of overtime games decided with a goal without a need for a shootout. A huge rise from the 35% in 2013-14, when they played under a 4-on-4 overtime format.

We do custom printed hockey uniforms for many teams in Toronto and we were curious how the new 3 on 3 rule is working out.

From the 2003-2004 season up until this current season overtime hockey has been played 4 on 4 and before that it was played 5 on 5 but with that amount of players on the ice it was not allowing as many overtime wins as the NHL wanted.

In the seasons from 2005-2015, of all past-regulation games 56% of them have ended in a shootout. The NHL feels that overtime wins should be way more common than what they were. With 3 on 3 overtime, there will be a lot more strategy, odd man rushes and more overtime wins.

So far as of Dec 1st 2015 the 3 on 3 format has been a success. As you can see from the chart below games have been decided by an overtime goal 68% of the time this 2015-2016 season compared with 56% last year.

Hockey ChartChart source:

The NHL stated that the purpose for this change is to lessen the amount of shootouts. They want the game to move faster and be more interesting for everyone. The players were asked their thoughts on the new rules and most said that 3 on 3 overtime is going to make the game more interesting. Steven Stamkos from the Tampa Bay Lightning said in an interview “I’m terrible at shootouts so I’m excited to play 3 on 3 overtime.” Most players feel that way except for the goalies. The goalies have their work cut out for them. Since there is more open space on the ice, the players with speed will have more opportunities for odd man rushes which results in many more good opportunities to score. The goalies will need to be able to stop all the shots without help from defense-man.

Overall this is a huge change to the league and for the players. They will have to learn new plays and new ways to defend the odd man rush. Throughout the season we’ll all have to see how it works out. But for now coaches, players and most fans feel very optimistic huge change.

Not everyone is a fan of the new format, the reigning Norris Trophy winner Erik Karlsson a defense-man for the Ottawa Senators feels it’s not really hockey. He says “It’s not really hockey. It’s whoever holds on to the puck longest and whoever cheats the most. Small stuff like that. Kinda boring… I don’t really know what extra purpose it serves other than getting players extra tired. I don’t see why we would keep it.”

But the league and the fans seem to like the speed and excitement so we should expect the 3 on 3 to continue into the future.

How do you like the 3 on 3 overtime? Leave a comment below.

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How we screen print T-shirts at Artik Toronto

At Artik we’ve been screen printing shirts and other garments for about 30 years. All this experience has made us self-proclaimed screen printing experts! This video shows how we do the job.

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Tips for Ordering Hockey Jerseys and Sport Team Uniforms

Getting hockey jerseys for your team? watch this video for and learn from tip and ideas to consider before you order of custom hockey jerseys. When ordering for a ports team you want to fully customize your items. Learn about the screen printed design and the vinyl lettering for the hockey players name and number. See what tackle twill looks like and custom embroidery. Consider the choice of jerseys, athletic knit mesh or a knit jersey, game quality or practice jerseys. How to wash and dry your custom sports team hockey jerseys. See several other tip and ideas for your on ice hockey team. Other choices include: inline hockey, hockey league series, hockey pro series, hockey socks, referee jerseys, pennants, also baseball, lacrosse, football, volleyball, basketball and others. Artik Toronto


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Some things I learned along the way

The suicide of a bright, wonderful young man Colin Wituik, a friend of my kids and an employee in our company made me wish I could have shared with him some of what I learned about depression over the years. I am writing this for my own healing and to maybe help someone out there.Colin-photos-4

Things that had an impact on me:

– The work of Eckhart Tolle, his books and videos. He wrote something that touched me deeply, he describes being depressed and suicidal and laying awake at night with everything feeling alien and scary he did not want to live anymore. A thought kept running in his head “I can’t live with myself anymore”. Suddenly he wondered about the thought, I – can’t live with – myself. I and self, there are two of us in here?? At that point his ego the story, the thought driven self collapsed. He said instead of killing myself his ego died, his true self behind the noise of the mind survived.

This has been key to me, learning to see the thought in our head and realize they are not real, just made up stories and becoming present to the real self, the awareness behind the thoughts. Another way he says it is: You are the calm deep ocean below the waves and turbulence on top.

When I am deeply upset this helps me create some space between the thought and upset and between my true self, it helps me find some peace. The key learning for me is not to identify with the thoughts, the thoughts are not me.

Some video clips, Eckhart Tolle on the night he wanted to kill himself.

Eckhart Tolle answering a question about suicidal thoughts

For a deep dive into Eckhart Tolle look for his books ‘The Power of Now’ and the book ‘A New Earth’ and look to this wonderful video class series Eckhart Tolle with Oprah

– A small book ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ by Victor Frankl. The part that really hit me was when he was a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp trying to help two fellow prisoners that wanted to kill themselves. Both of them stated to him “I have nothing left to expect from life”, Victor Frankl asked them a question, “What does life still have to expect from you?” One suddenly thought of his daughter that was waiting for him in the U.S., he wanted to survive and reunite with her, the other had a series of books he wanted to complete. Their focus shifted to what they had to do for others and they imagined a future where they work towards those visions. They both found meaning and shifted to wanting to live, even in the terrible conditions they were in.

Victor Frankl interview clips

Link to the book

– In my mid forties I took self development courses after being pushed by family to do it, I was real resistant and resentful at being forced to go, so I went in with a huff and a bad attitude. When the course started I was mesmerized a part of me was so hungry for this stuff I came alive. The course deals with how we work, how we think and the stories we create in our head. I continued to take several more of these courses and things in my life shifted forever.

Many, many things happened in the courses but I will give one example. In the the second course someone said something that hurt my feelings, I got hurt and I got into a deep sulky mood. In real life this happened every so often, when I felt hurt and I would get real quiet and upset and in a bad mood, this would last for a day or two and would upset my family. I recognized it as my Dad used to have these ‘bad moods’ and silent treatments that impacted the family many times. I learned in the course that when we are ‘hurt’ we also get something out of it, this sounded ridiculous to me, I am the hurt one I get nothing here, but on deeper examination there is what is called a ‘payoff’ I get to feel right and justified and I got to make others wrong and even though I was hurt I now recognized there was a hidden pleasure I was not aware of, I was being injured and blaming others. Of course there is a cost too, that was clear to me, the sadness, the loss of fun and love.

Now I was experiencing the hurt right in the middle of the course, here was my chance to change the pattern, though I was deep into this hole of feeling hurt and sad I decided to do the opposite of what I want to do. My strong desire was to withdraw and sulk, instead I forced my self to interact with people, this was hard but slowly I felt like I was climbing out of the deep hole and suddenly I was out. My mood shifted and for me this was unbelievable. The beauty of it is this has lasted for years after the course, I no longer have long period of ‘bad mood’ they are now shorter and I get over them.

The course link is here

– My Mom attempted suicide and spent several years in hospitals with different treatments. Against the odds she fully recovered, wrote a book and had several happy years. My Mom told me that what finally helped her get out of her depression was her daily exercises to help control her diabetes. This is not very intuitive and not something most depressed people are likely to try but there is a lot of research on physical exercise and it’s relationship to helping with depression.

– Gratitude list, when I heard of this I was not interested, sounded silly and forced, but I tried it a couple times and it was surprisingly helpful in shifting things.

There is so much out there,my sister introduced me to some of these:

– Ram Dass great talks and videos

– Byron Katie  The Work of Byron Katie is a way of identifying and questioning the thoughts that cause all the anger, fear, depression, addiction, and violence in the world. Experience the happiness of undoing those thoughts through The Work, and allow your mind to return to its true, awakened, peaceful, creative nature.

– Wayne Dyer has great talks, very approachable, story telling style.

When my car breaks down I take it to the mechanic, when my computer doesn’t work I google the issue and if needed get it repaired, makes sense to me that if my thoughts are just not right, I research for answers and if needed I seek help.

If you have any ideas, please add them in the comments. I love you all and wish you peace and love.



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Business interview with Larry owner of ‘Yes to Fresh’

Interview of an owner of a restaurant Larry owner of ‘Yes to Fresh’ and the owners of Artik, Saul and Rafi. Larry wanted to get a different perspective form business people with years of experience.

We discuss the challenges and experiences of running a restaurant and a small business. Some of the topics discussed:

  • Main challenges in running a restaurant
  • Finding and keeping good employees
  • Developing systems for  a consistent product
  • Managing priorities and managing time
  • Working on the business and not only in the business
  • Learning to delegate, why business owners have a hard time delegating.
  • Marketing, both traditional, online and social media marketing
  • In-store point of sales messages

This video has insights and ideas for anyone in the restaurant or food industry and anyone who runs a small business.

Presented by Artik custom printed T-shirts and promotional items in Toronto

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$50.00 Draw Winner!

‘Just for Smiles’ draw!
Congratulations to Nadiia Fokina.
First prize winner of $50.00.


As part of the Artik sponsorship of the ‘Just for Smiles’ event, we offered a social media contest. All people that liked our Facebook page or followed us on Google+ were entered into a draw.

There were also two ‘Just for Smiles’ T-shirt winners!

Draw by Artik custom printed T-shirts Toronto 

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Interview with Tammy Gunn

Interview with Tammy Gunn

As a company that does custom printed promotional items in Toronto since 1985 I come across many interesting entrepreneurs. I met Tammy Gunn several years ago when we were both doing self-development courses. Over a year ago Tammy took the big leap and quit her full time office admin job and went full time into running her fitness business Live Out Loud Movement

In the interview Tammy and I have a conversation divided into two parts, the first part is from the business point of view, about her experience taking the big leap and running a small business as a fitness instructor full time, Tammy talks about the benefits and challenges. One of the most valuable is her advice on the steps to take before quitting your job and going full time into business for yourself. If you learn one thing from this video, it is the importance of a business coach. If you are a fitness instructor, personal trainer, musician, life coach, or any service provider looking to quit your full time job and go on to running a full time business then you will benefit from Tammy’s advice.

Next we discuss marketing for a small business, Tammy describes her unique gorilla marketing ideas and we go in depth into social media marketing for small business in Toronto. Currently Tammy does a lot of blogging and Facebook work. As the co-owner of Artik I am doing social media marketing with Facebook, Google plus and with a new format which is video and audio pod-casting with this video being the start.

In the second part of the interview Tammy and I discussed Fitness and weight loss, as a fitness instructor in Zumba and Laughter Yoga, Tammy does 20 to 24 classes a week, this means 20 – to 24 hours of fitness workout every single week. Tammy tells me about her personal journey from being overweight, smoking and unhealthy to working on her weight loss and fitness through different forms of training.
Tammy told me about the unique fitness class called laughter yoga, I learned that 20 minutes of deep laughter is equivalent to 40 minutes on a rowing machine and more fun!

It took Tammy several years to find a fitness she loved, dancing! Through Zumba Tammy was able to get fit and have fun this passion became her part time work and now her full time fitness company.

Check out Tammy’s blog here
And for any custom printed T-shirts in Toronto and other items check Artik
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