Premium Knit Toque With Cuff and Pom-Pom

Style: DKBC-300

Minimum Quantity: 25

These knitted toques are the trending items in sports merchandising and apparel. 98% Acrylic and 2% Lycra with full coverage of the design; up to 4 stock yar... show more

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Instant Quote: $ -
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Notes:  1) Saving takes up to 2 mins.  2) Submit Names/Numbers list by email  3) Step by Step Guide

Price Chart (CAD)

Quantity 25 - 49 50 - 99 100 - 149 150 - 249 250 - 499 500 - 999 1000 - and more
Price each: $17.22$15.93$14.76$14.37$14.16$13.98$13.71
Setup charges: $50.00$50.00$50.00$50.00$50.00$50.00$50.00

Product Details

Product Details 

  • Knitted Tuques with full coverage 
  • 98% Acrylic and 2% Lycra
  • One size: 8" x 7.5" with cuff folded, 10.5" depth without fold
  • Pom-pom on top
  • Disclaimer: Round edges on designs will not be smooth as the product is knitted.
  • For knitted scarf with your logo, click here


Best Decorating Process 

Knitted, up to 4 stock yarn colours. (Pom on top, up to 3 stock yarn colours)

STOCK YARN COLOURS (Approximate PMS Colour listed in parenthesis; not guaranteed) 

  • #180 Black (Pantone Neutral Black C)
  • #J/36 Bleach (White)
  • #211 Natural (7485)
  • #J/537 Stone (7535)
  • #148 Gold (137)
  • #9003 Burgundy (4975)
  • #J/63 Berry (497)
  • #J/217 Dk Red (7427C)
  • #257 Red (7621)
  • #J/400 Hot Orange (171)
  • #9001 Dk Navy (532)
  • #275 Navy (289)
  • #J/8 Royal (2746)
  • #J/12 Purple (5255)
  • #129 Brown (412)
  • #9002 Hunter Grn (5535)
  • #312 Forest Grn (3435)
  • #J/401 Olive (5743)
  • #J/16 Kelly (348)
  • #J/57 Sandstone (7503)
  • #J/200 Lgt Pink (705)
  • #J/201 Lgt Blue (644)
  • #J/402 Chocolate Br (7505)
  • #J/599 Flo Green (387)
  • #J/645 Tile Teal (7705)
  • #J/71038 Rust (7594)
  • #J/647 Mulberry Purple (534)
  • #J/535 Safety Yellow (388)
  • #193 Heather Gray (423)
  • #200 Dk Heather Gray (446)

More Options: *Yarn Colours that add 3 days to production, listed with asterisk

  • * #J/646 Chive (*370/371)
  • * #J/644 Summer Plum (*7434/216)
  • * #1114 Teal Heather (*7476)
  • * #1027 Golden Olive Heather (*3995/581)
  • * #1018 Alabaster Heather (*435)
  • * # Denim Heather (*7545)
  • * #1021 Olive Heather (*7771)
  • * #2120 Oatmeal Heather (*453)
  • * #1026 Brown Heather (*Warm Gray 10)
  • * # 1022 Dk Brown Heather (*Black 7)
  • * # 1098 Charcoal Heather (*419)
  • * #1046 Burgundy Heather (*4975)
  • * #1023 Red Heather (*490)


Estimated Production Time 

3-4 weeks after art approval.

VC: 1241

Additional Information

Create Your Own Knitted Scarf + Knitted Toque = Receive 10% Off

Knitted Scarf and Toque Sale


Size Available Colours
One Size (8" x 7.5" with cuff folded, 10.5" depth without fold) All Colours

Art Info


Art Guidelines

Our goal is to use your art file to create the best print possible.

Contact and we'll help answer your design questions.


Standard Pantone Colours

Please provide us with PMS# (solid coated). We can match an exact ink for an additional fee.



Please always include at least 0.25" bleed on all sides.


Sending Us Your File

Send us your design as a vector file or a high-quality image file. We'll accept any of the file types below:




  Adobe Illustrator Files .ai

  • Illustrator files are vector - top quality.

  • Please convert all fonts (type) to outline.

  • Save the file as .EPS for maximum compatibility





  Adobe Photoshop Files .psd

  • Keep file size below 6MB if possible.

  • Photoshop files are best at 300 DPI or higher.

  • Send the .psd file with Layers.





  Corel Draw Files .cdr

  • Corel Draw files are great!

  • Be sure to convert all fonts (type) to outlines.





  Image Files .jpg or .png

  • Image files need to be high quality.

  • Save the image as 300 DPI at actual print size.






  • Save your file as a PDF to reduce file size.

  • Only have a Word Document of your artwork?

  Send us a PDF and we'll help recreate the design.




Need Help?

We recommend that you or your graphic designer supply us with art that is ready to print.

If you can't supply a high resolution file, our Art Department staff will help re-create at $30 per half an hour.



What is a Vector file?

Vector files use lines, curves and shapes to create an image based on mathematical formulas.


Advantage of Vector:

Vector designs can be enlarged without getting pixelated or blurry.


Disadvantage of Vector:

Photographs and images usually can't be vectorized. Vector is best for shapes and text.


Which programs use Vector?

Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw are two popular vector art programs.


Common Vector Problem: Missing Font


  Solution 1:

If you are using a rare font, send us the font file (.ttf) with your vector design file (.ai .cdr)


Solution 2:

Alternatively, send us a copy of your file with all fonts converted to curves (outlined).

Be sure to save the original under a different name in case you want to edit the text later on.


What is a Raster file?

Raster files use pixels to display an image.


Advantage of Raster:

Raster files are good for photographs.

It can print well when you set your image size and quality high.


Disadvantage of Raster:

Raster files can look blurry when enlarged. Be sure to save at high quality from the start.


Which programs use Raster?

Adobe Photoshop is a popular raster program. Most images online are raster files as well.


Common Raster Problem: Low Quality Image


  Solution 1: Send a Higher Quality Image

When creating a new document in Photoshop, select Image > Image Size and set the quality to 300 DPI. Note that enlarging a low quality jpg will not increase the quality.

Once you have a higher quality image, send it to us!


Solution 2: Hire our Designer

For $30 per half hour, one of our Graphic Designers will help re-create your design.




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