Custom Embroidery

Embroidery is an elegant and stylish way to decorate any garment or embroidery friendly item. It is an art process of forming decorative designs with machine needlework.


The digitized image is saved on disk and loaded to the embroidery machine. The machine uses the digital instructions to create your design with threads. The number of stitches that the machine needs to make, the quantity of items being embroidered, and the location of the embroidery determines the embroidery cost. Any design that will need more than just keyboard lettering will have to be digitized. Digitizing is the process of taking an image of your logo and converting into stitches using specialized software developed especially for the embroidery industry. Contact Us and we'll give you a free quote.


Most Popular Embroidery Items

Embroidered Hats and Caps TorontoWomens T-ShirtsHooded SweatshirtEmbroidered Coats and JacketsCustom Embroidered Dress Shirts

For embroidery, our minimum quantities are 12 or 24 pieces depending on the item. (per design)





Contact our friendly staff for an embroidery price quote!

Step 1. Contact Artik

We'll look at your art file and reply with a price quote in a friendly no-obligation email.

We digitize your artwork before we embroider it!

Step 2. Digitizing

We digitize your art file which turns it into a format that the embroidery machine can read.

The embroidery machine reads your digitized artwork and stitches it into fabric

Step 3. Embroidery

The embroidery machine follows the digital instructions, quickly threading the design into fabric. 

  Make sure your design doesn't use tiny fonts. Embroidered fonts should be at least 5mm or 1/4" tall. 


Embroidery prices are based on stitch-count (larger and more complex designs will cost more).

Most products on include a small embroidery in the price. The best way to find out your cost is to contact us for a price quote.


Many fonts are available. Shown below are a few samples of fonts we carry.

Custome embrodery fonts


Embroidery Gallery

Below are a few examples of Artik's embroidery. We can embroider a variety of designs and in many different styles.


One colour embroidery.

Two colour embroidery.

Custom Embroidery

One colour embroidery.


Custom Embroidered Patch

Three colour embroidery.

Four colour embroidery.

Embroidered Patches and Badges

Six colour embroidery.


Who Orders Embroidery?

20. Toronto local Mechanics and Workshops visit Artik for custom worker shirts.

19. Mattress shops and GTA Hotels have come to us for custom embroidered pillows.

18. Hunters and Gun Clubs from across Ontario order custom camouflage hats to stay stealthy.

17. Ontario Golf Courses and Country Clubs order embroidered golf shirts for members and golfers.

16. High end stores order embroidered dress shirts for resale and as staff uniforms.

15. BBQ and baking enthusiasts (and hot sauce companies) have ordered custom cooking aprons

14. We've embroidered nurse scrubs and doctor coats for healthcare workers in hospitals.

13. Some sports teams have placed orders for custom embroidered socks

12. Universities have come in to pick up branded lab coats for their researchers and mad scientists.

11. Some stores order embroidered winter hats for resale during the long Toronto winter.

10. Hotels love to get custom branded towels and embroidered bath robes for guests.

9. Some musicians order embroidered band hats to sell at shows and festivals.

8. School teams (and whole Engineering programs) often seek embroidered school jackets

7. Restaurants often order embroidered chef jackets for their kitchen staff.

6. Baseball teams looking for embroidered baseball caps for their uniform.

5. Festivals often order embroidered sweatshirts to show who is STAFF.

4. Charity events frequently ask for custom embroidered hoodies for fundraising.

3. Sports teams often want embroidered jerseys for their next game (Hockey, Football, Baseball and more!).

2. Many businesses order embroidered hats for staff to wear.

1. Toronto businesses ordering embroidered polo shirts for their next tradeshow.


Whoever you are, Artik can help digitize your design and embroider it onto garments of your choice. The embroidery process is very ancient, but with our modern machines we can embroider complex amazing embroidered garments very quickly.

Contact us for a quote! We're friendly and will give you the information you need right away.

Custom Embroidery Quote 


Most Popular Embroidery Items

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