Air Fresheners
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Set Descending Direction

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 Choose a Stock Fragrance:

We use popular stock scents. Contact us to request a sample!

• Apple
• Cinnamon
• Coconut
• Fresh
• Lemon* 
• New Car*
• Orange
• Peach
• Pine*                   • Potpourri
• Strawberry
• Vanilla
• Wildberry
FRESH scent will be used if no scent is provided
*Additional $0.06 for NEW CAR, PINE, LEMON scents


Customized Air Fresheners come in a wide variety of smells, shapes and colours! Choose the perfect air freshener and we’ll add your logo or design. Stay fresh with custom printed car air fresheners.

Order Custom Printed Air Fresheners

Custom printing your logo on air fresheners is a fresh way to promote your automotive business, just reach out to Artik to get your custom printed air fresheners made!

Choose Your Custom Air Freshener's Aroma

What will your customer's cars smell like? We offer autumn scents like Apple, Cinnamon and Vanilla. Or order custom air fresheners with a winter scent like Pine, Wildberry or Potpourri. Spring scents include Lemon, Peach, Fresh while summer scents include Orange, Strawberry and Coconut.

Enjoy the way your smell cars and share that with your customers! Ordering a great smelling custom printed air freshener is a great way to let people remember your business.

Smell is the Strongest Memory

I still remember the custom printed air freshener I had as a kid, it smelled like vanilla so I kept it with my winter gloves, making them all smell like vanilla! Even now, decades later I remember the way that custom printed air freshener smelled and the company logo that was printed on it. Smell is the sense closely linked with memory, can you remember the Christmas trees of your youth or the lemonade you had at lunch last year?