Making Tees for your School Group, Team or Club

Custom Club T-Shirts Toronto
Add your team logo to custom t-shirts!

From high school debate clubs, to middle school sports teams, to college alumni groups, Artik has been printing custom T-shirts for school groups, clubs and teams since 1985.

This post will answer common questions and breakdown the popular choices for custom t-shirts and other customizable products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I get custom t-shirts made for my school group?

A: We made it easy! Just browse the custom t-shirt page here, choose the perfect style and colour and contact us with your design.

Q: What t-shirt style is suggested?

It depends on your needs. For large school events on a budget, you can’t beat the Gildan softstyle custom tee which is affordable and comfortable. It comes in a huge variety of colours.

If you’re looking for athletic style t-shirts for a highschool sports team, check out the New Balance athletic tee. We’ll add your team name and school logo with screen printing or vinyl transfers.

Q: How do I design a team logo?

If your team doesn’t have a logo, try out our online design tool (press ‘Start Designing’). When you’re ready reach out to our staff and we’ll help make everything look great on the customized team uniforms.

Q: How should I go about ordering sizes?

People come in all sizes and so do custom t-shirts! Custom t-shirts range in size from child’s sizes to extra large adult sizes. Use the ordering form on our t-shirt page to get the right shirts for everyone. We recommend ordering a few extra t-shirts for your school group in case extra people join in 🙂

Please contact us if you have any questions!

Suggestions For Your School Group T-Shirts:

School Event T-Shirts

Your upcoming school event can be decked out in colourful tees! Add the school logo to the front, the name of the event and give the custom t-shirts out at school fun runs, fun fairs and fundraisers.

School Trip T-Shirts

Custom School T-Shirts Toronto
Wear bright custom t-shirts to keep students together on student trips!

Give students something to bring home to remind them of their trip! Custom t-shirts from school trips are an awesome memory with names added to the back.

Debate Club Tees

Your debate team will look extra unified in matching custom tees. Choose a professional colour and add a tasteful design to the t-shirt and win some debates.

Environmental Club Custom Shirts

Screenprinted Shirts for Volunteers
Volunteer Tees are an awesome way to build a community of helpers

Eco clubs can order custom shirts to build unity and get new members. Perfect to give away during a local cleanup or fundraiser.

Charity Group Matching Tees

Screenprinted Shirts for Charity Events

If your school is raising money or collecting cans for a local charity or recent disaster, custom t-shirts can be a great idea. Sell the tees to help with fundraising efforts or give custom t-shirts out to hardworking volunteers.

Kids Team Shirts

Screenprinted Kids Tees!

We’ve got a ton of great t-shirts for kids of all ages! These shirts are smaller but still fit great and feel comfy. Choose bright colours and a fun design for your youth group or kids team.

Sports Team Uniforms

Custom volleyball jerseys Toronto
Custom T-Shirts can be an affordable team uniform!

If you’re on a sports team, you know how important team unity is! Get everyone on the same colours with matching t-shirts and custom names and numbers on the back.

From baseball team uniforms to custom soccer tees, Artik has a ton of experience printing sports t-shirts here in Toronto.

If you have a running group, check out custom athletic t-shirts. We also offer pro-level jerseys over at our sports uniforms page.

Religious Group T-Shirts

For religious groups, custom t-shirts can show unity and keep everyone together on outings. We’ve printed tees and other apparel for countless religious groups, spiritual groups and prayer groups.

Chess Club Shirts

When your chess team is in the back of the yearbook, will you all be wearing the same colours? Artik prints custom shirts for chess teams, perfect for going out to tournaments.

Highschool Group Apparel

Custom Club T-Shirts TorontoA customizable t-shirt is a blank canvas for your team’s design

Highschools are full of groups, teams and associations! We’ve seen Ultimate Frisbee teams, Anime Clubs, School Newspapers and countless other clubs. No matter what your highschool club is, we offer custom printed t-shirts in Toronto!

College Alum T-Shirts

Screenprinted Shirts for College Graduate Alumni Groups
After graduating, branded college merchandise keeps the school spirit alive.

After graduating, college alumni groups stay in contact and keep repping their school with well-made t-shirts and custom printed sweaters. Add your University’s logo or College name and add the year of graduation or the specific program.

We’ve made Engineering T-Shirts, University of Toronto Alumni sweaters, Psychology Student Tees and tons of other school tees.

Teacher’s Association Tees

Custom School Merchandise Toronto

Teachers Associations can order custom t-shirts to show unity at events, as uniforms and group meetings.

School Staff T-Shirts

From teachers who help young children learn to speak, to professors teaching linguistic studies to graduate students, teachers can show unity with custom staff t-shirts. Show appreciation for your school staff with custom merchandise!

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